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Pre-Production Services


Our Apparel Pre Production services offer a complete solution to prepare your garments for full-scale production and manufacturing. Proper pre production planning will significantly reduce your production and manufacturing costs. In this phase of our process it is important to identify production efficiencies in an effort to ensure consistency with technology and resources capabilities. We also work with leading apparel manufacturers in the Bangladesh, China, India and Vietnam. The apparel pre production process takes your technical design to develop patterns and make first samples for your review and approval. Our pre production services also include size grading and fit testing to meet your specific sizing requirements. During this phase of our service we also offer cost engineering expertise (evaluating fabric, trim and labor costs) to help you forecast and budget production costs. Understanding your overall per unit production costs will help you develop accurate wholesale and retail pricing strategies.

At the conclusion of the pre production process SK Buying & Global Sourcing can provide you with a reasonable number of costing, salesman, and showroom samples. Our pre production services also helps you identify and secure a reliable factory for full scale production. Samples will be sent to out to qualified factories to obtain minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements and competitive costing.

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