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Production Plan

SK Buying & Global Sourcing has its discreet production management system and to keep up your articles portfolio for each season. We have built our own system to manage your production so that we can meet your deadline.

Production planning and control is one of the most important aspects of the garment manufacturing industry. Precision in planning equates to on-time shipments, the best use of labor and assurances that appropriate supplies and equipment are available for each order.

planning involves everything from scheduling each task in the process to execution and delivery of products.
Keep Costs as low as Possible
Reduce Loss
Deliver Timely Shipments
Follow Up Daily

Production Management

SK Buying & Global Sourcing production management team are highly skilled professional on garments production with thier years of experiences they find the best possible solution to achieve highest quality production. SK Buying & Global Sourcing follow its struck strategy for production to meet the satisfaction of our clients and to achieve better result.


SK Buying & Global Sourcing serves customers with the highest quality requirements worldwide.

Sourcing Services

SK Buying & Global Sourcing is your highly skilled professional guaranteeing best Sourcing Services to our partners and our clients.

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