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Prototype Samples

To develop your market we make Prototype Samples to promote your product. Displaying, arranging fashion show, photo shooting to developing promotional materials etc. so that you can easily reach your target audience.
We make sure that our clients can secure their sales even before production and to verify clients and market response about your product this Prototype Samples will place far advance than others.

Product Development is responsible for clothing and apparel sample making such as prototypes, duplicates, and pilot lots. Our clothing and apparel sample makers work closely with our pattern maker to create the garment samples you require. We can generate samples from a conceptual idea or from your existing specifications or hard copy pattern.

Having a department that can provide various clothing and apparel samples is invaluable when it comes to breaking down and pricing new garments. Different seam allowances and shrinkage are taken into account to accommodate for different fabrics and washes. These clothing and apparel samples provide subjective and objective fit information to technical design. Weekly fit meetings are conducted to evaluate against the specs needed by the sewing room in order to adhere to customer guidelines.

Our Sourcing Partners Quality

SK Buying & Global Sourcing follow its struck strategy for safety, environment and raw materials sources to make sure all the stockholders are well treated.


SK Buying & Global Sourcing serves customers with the highest quality requirements worldwide.

Sourcing Services

SK Buying & Global Sourcing is your highly skilled professional guaranteeing best Sourcing Services to our partners and our clients.

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