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Total Quality Management (TQM)

Each steps of our business process to production process our top management team are focusing continuous improvement. We believe on quality is a never ending arena.

"To ensure that the requisite quality of product is achieved". This ensures customer satisfaction, but it leaves quality control as a necessary but expensive evil. To ensure, at minimum practicable cost, that the requisite quality of product is being achieved at every stage of manufacture from raw materials to boxed stock

• To maximize the production of goods within the specified tolerances correctly the first time.
• To achieve a satisfactory design of the fabric or garment in relation to the level of choice in design, styles, colours, suitability of components and fitness of product for the market.

1. Quality assurance of systems

In order to achieve better control and knowledge of our business operations, our working methods and routines have been ISO accredited.

ISO/TS 16949:2009


2. Quality assurance of products

• Itemize the variables that occur in fabric and garment production in order to provide a complete specification.
• Develop a specification in a number of parts or sections to ensure that all design and production staff has a clear idea as to what is needed.
• Establish acceptable working tolerances in relation to all values on the specification.
• Establish fault rate recording systems.
• Improve technical understanding of the product including,
• Fabric geometry and the interrelationship of yarn count, loop length, pick count, relaxation and fabric properties.
• Sewing problems.
• Causes and prevention of seam breakdown.
• The effects of various factors on the apparent shade of goods affecting shade matching.

3. Quality assurance of environmental impact

At SK Buying & Global Sourcing, we are firmly committed to ensuring that our impact on the environment is kept at a minimum. Subsequently, we constantly work with projects to reduce our emissions to air and water.

To ensure that our production process is in conformance with our environmental commitment, all our products are checked and controlled by independent institutions.

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