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Production Quality Control

SK Buying & Global Sourcing ensure the esthetics, fit and functionality of your garment / apparel with full end-to-end manufacturing quality assurance.

Quality Inspections

Production process starts after receiving of fabrics and end after dispatching of packed garments. Generally export house put quality check points at the end of each process to ensure that only quality pieces move to the next process. Department wise quality check points have been explained in the following.

Fabric Store

-          100% fabric inspection

Trim & accessories

-          Trims inspection

Cutting Room

-          Marker checking

-          Cut parts checking or audit

-          Bundle inspection

Printing and Embroidery

-          100 % inspection of printing panels

-          100% inspection of embroidery

Sewing Department

-          Inline check point (at critical operation)

-          Roaming checking (Random checking)

-          End of Line checking (100%)

-          Audit of checked pieces

Finishing Department

-          Initial finishing inspection (after wash)

-          Final finishing inspection (After Pressing)

-          Internal shipment audit



SK Buying & Global Sourcing Agency serves customers with the highest quality requirements worldwide.

Sourcing Services

SK Buying & Global Sourcing is your highly skilled professional guaranteeing best Sourcing Services to our partners and our clients.

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